Scott Ludlow is the founder of Private Chef Direct, a private dining service providing a bespoke menu and flawless service for all events from small dinner parties to weddings.

Scott cooking
What made you want to become a chef?

I found school hard. I didn’t see words in a book like most of the students. However, I could see food and how to construct it with what flavours worked very clearly. 

I was always fascinated with starting with nothing, like some raw ingredients, then making it into something special to remember. I sort of think of it just like a puzzle – but you have no idea what the final picture will look like!

How long have you been working as a private chef?

I’ve been a chef for over 15 years now – I’ve worked in top restaurants and hotels across the globe. In 2014 I came up with my business idea, I loved the concept of being able to give people restaurant quality food and incredible service in the comfort of their own home. I launched the business a few years later, and now Private Chef Direct is in full swing across the UK.

What is the most memorable dish you’ve ever created?

Without a doubt it has to be our 24 carat gold chocolate delice. In the middle is a gooey smoked salted caramel then it’s sprayed with gold. After that we wrap it in an edible box which dissolves after you pour over a warm orange rum cocktail – which in turn acts as a sauce for the dish.

Who would be your dream dinner party guests?

This is such a tough one! If I had to cook dinner for 6 guests I would choose: Micheal Schumacher, Kanye West, Tom Hanks, Michelle Obama, Gordon Ramsay (that would be interesting) and Winston Churchill.

What is the dish requested most by your clients?

It’s hard to say as each menu is bespoke to our clients tastes. Having said that, we do get a lot of requests for one of our signature dishes. It’s 24 hour brined then slow-cooked for 8 hours pork belly, aerated crackling, injected sour apple and tonka vanilla purée,  buttered roasted carrots, baked aged parmesan dauphinoise potatoes. It’s one of my favourites – both to cook and to eat!

How would you describe your style of cooking?

Imagine Willy Wonka meets Heston Blumenthal. Our dishes always taste amazing first and foremost, but I love to wow our clients and their guests with innovative and unexpected twists. My favourite “show stopper” would be the full English breakfast dessert. From initial idea to the dessert on the plate took me 3 months, and to make the dessert it takes around 2 days. I love seeing my client’s reaction when we serve it – it really looks like a full on breakfast, even down to the oil from the sausage which of course isn’t oil nor is it a sausage.

Is there a minimum number of guests needed per booking?

Absolutely not. You can hire a Private Chef from us no matter how many people you’re hosting. We do everything from a cosy couples anniversary dinner, right up to our Dubai Style Brunches for 150+ guests. Our most popular number we cater for is around 10-15 guests.

Private Chef Direct provide high-quality food and flawless service in the comfort of your home. They cover the UK including London, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Bedfordshire.

Private Chef Direct covers the UK including London, Essex, Surrey, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

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