The Founder & Chef

Scott has achieved more in his relatively short culinary career than most Chefs will in their lifetime. At just 20 years-of-age he owned his highly accoladed restaurant. At 24 he owned another. He eventually sold both. He has cooked for A-list movie stars to major sportsmen and sportswomen across the world. Scott has worked from London – U.K, Chamonix – France, San Francisco and LA – America, Doha – Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi – U.A.E to name a few.  Opening restaurants, hotels and cooking privately throughout his time aboard.

Using all his gained culinary skills he now operates a highly successful private dining and events company – Private Chef Direct. Catering for those who want 5 star food and service outside of a restaurant backdrop in different environments. 

I asked him why food? He replied ‘Most get joy from money, winning and getting a promotion. I get joy from seeing my clients eating and interacting with my food.  For me that’s more than a Michelin Star or Rosettes. Allowing my clients to come along for the culinary ride with me.’

That answers that!

Creativity and fun are paramount to any food Scott assembles. Here’s someone who has made a full English breakfast that’s actually a dessert. Someone who will not only delight your taste buds, but play with your mind too.

All his plates you come upon will shout expressively…‘EAT ME!’.

While talking to Scott I wanted to get an idea of his thinking about food. At times, I couldn’t keep up. It’s difficult to meet someone so passionate about what they do. For example, I asked him to take a potato, a pepper and a leek. “What would you do with that Scott?” He replied that “On their own they’re not exciting. But I’d do this….” I recall him mentioning the textures and flavours and ultimately thinking the man is a genius.

If you’re looking for a private catered event Private Chef Direct will dazzle your guests and mesmerise your taste buds like no other.